Ghadeer The Marketeer


“Tech entrepreneur turned digital marketer”

About Ghadeer Rahhal

I’m Ghadeer Rahhal, a digital marketer and founder of multiple 7 figure e-commerce brands.

After a decade of building software applications and running my software consultancy, I left it all and transitioned into e-commerce.

In a matter of 9 months, I was able to scale a brand to 7 figures and exited the brand just 3 months later.


What I’m Doing Now

I operate multiple eCommerce brands that generate anywhere from $1000-$10,000 a day and run a digital marketing agency GR Digital. I also have the honor of serving as a coach to Depesh Mandalia’s Elite Accelerator.

I love all things e-commerce and take a holistic approach when it comes to digital marketing. There is so much more than paid ads when it comes to running a successful brand, from optimizing your funnel, to email marketing, or understanding your avatar.

E-commerce excites me more than anything.

As a builder and technologist at heart, e-commerce was a match made in heaven. Every user visit tells a story and nothing is more excites me more than piecing together a user’s first click an ad to them making a purchase.

Running a profitable store comes down to more than just ads.

Facebook ads is just one piece of the puzzle. Every store needs a well constructed funnel and offer that makes a customer think they are stupid for not buying.

A customer’s life time value (repeat purchases) is more important than getting the first sale.

Building customer trust and providing an experience that makes them loyal to you are all part of the equation to building a 7 and 8 figure brand.

Building a great brand also comes down to operations. No matter how great your creatives, product, and customer experience are, without proper systems in place, success will remain elusive. As the old adage goes, “you want to work on the business, not in the business”. I am always trying to automate myself out of the business and build systems and processes that make sure I’m not needed.

For me, the satisfaction comes from growing AND helping others grow and scale their businesses. If you are ready to start scaling your business, start from watching this free training here. I’ll see on the other side and looking forward to helping you scale your business.

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