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Email Providers For Your E-Commerce Store

There are are a lot of different email providers that you can use when it comes to your email marketing. Bur honestly, if you’re getting started it doesn’t matter who you choose. MailChimpActiveCampaignSendGrid, and Klaviyo are all viable options.

The most important thing is integration with your backend. For example, if you are using ShopifyKlaviyo makes the integration quite seamless.

If you already have an established store and customer list, then pricing is something that you definitely want to keep in mind.

Each platform prices their service differently so you should really know your end goal.

For example, if you have 100,000 on your list, then mailchimp will charge you $499 a month and limit the total number of emails to 1.2Million, which is effectively 12 month campaigns.

Klaviyo on the other hand charges $1,200 a month for that same list. But here is the kicker, if you are using automations and are sending less than 500,000 emails a month and no campaigns, you will be paying $50/month.

Before choosing an email provider, it’s important to figure out which email provider will work best for your businesses specific needs.

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