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The 5 Email Flows Every E-Commerce Site Needs

Email is one of the most valuable marketing channels for any online business, and especially e-commerce.

It doesn’t matter if you are running an Etsy store, dropshipping, or building a brand, email needs to be part of your toolset.

Before hopping into the flows that your site should implement, let’s go over the basics.

Campaigns vs Automations

A Campaigns is non-dynamic and sent to a specific list of people.

What does non-dynamic mean?

Non-dynamic means that you have to manually press the send button in order for the email to be sent.

An automation on the other hand is a sequence of one or more emails based on a specific set of conditions. For example, a customer added your product to cart but did not complete their checkout.

Your Abandoned Cart Sequence would trigger and begin sending the customer abandoned cart reminder emails to help remind them to complete their purchase.

Now that we understand the difference between a campaign and an automation, let’s go through the 5 email flows that your store needs to have.

1. The Welcome Automation

This automation is one of the most important that your store can have. The Welcome flow is the first emails that your customers receive when they sign up for your newsletter.

This is your chance to speak to your customers in your brand’s voice. Tell them your story, who you are, what they can expect, and what you stand for.

If these are questions are difficult to answer, it makes sense to give these some thought

Having a single email in the welcome automation is not enough to really build a relationship with your customers. I personally recommend having half a dozen emails at the minimum as part of your welcome flow.

Remember, this is your chance to speak to your customers and begin a relationship with them.

2. Coupon/Newsletter Followup

Does your website have one of those popups that asks customer’s for their email address in exchange for a 10% discount?

That’s where this automation comes into play.

In today’s noisy and distracting world, we are jumping from one thing to another and easily forget to go back to what we were working on.

3. Abandoned Cart

If I could choose a single automation it would be the Abandoned Cart automation.

Well over 50% of people abandon their cart, so this your chance to get them into an automation to help remind them to complete their purchase.

Sometimes customers need some convincing and not just a reminder. This is your chance to tell customer’s how this product will change their life. Customer testimonials work great too.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with this automation is simply sending email after email discount laddering. Discount laddering is sending a bigger discount with each email, hoping that eventually the customer will eventually bite.

The pitfall with discount laddering at the very beginning is you are not only lowering your profit margin, but you are also diminishing the value of your product.

4. Post Purchase Delivery

Your customer has received their order, now is the time to send them a post purchase email. This is your opportunity to ask your customer for feedback on the product, but also their overall experience.

Although this is a great time to upsell your customers, it’s also an opportunity to answer any questions they have or address any problems. This will help you improve your service and offering for future customers.

5. Customer Winback

After a month or two of customers receiving their product, it’s time to get re-connect with your customers (assuming your have not been email them useful content already).

This is a great time reconnect with customers and let them know about some of your new offerings that they might enjoy (based on their past purchases)

These 5 flows will help take your email marketing and profitability to the next level.

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